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Advertisements are undoubtedly works of art. Connecting with an audience, evoking their emotions, and challenging their perceptions in a brief timeframe is not an easy task. The creative individuals that are behind these ads, the producers, creative directors, editors, etc., deserve a round of applause. We’ve monitored advertising work from around the world and wanted to share some of our favorites of 2014:


5. Beats by Dre – “The Game Before The Game”

Agency: R/GA

Leading athletes from around the world reveal their pre-game rituals in this emotional, yet energizing ad. Beats headphones come into play for all of them as the players dispel any doubts and prepare for victory. We love the combination of song, “Jungle” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons, and original score by Michael Einziger and Annmarie Simpson.


4. Lurpak Cook’s Range – “Adventure Awaits”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, UK

Being simple, beautifully shot, and transformative earned this ad a nod from us. Plus, we can never tire of hearing Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra.


3. Save the Children – “Most Shocking Second A Day Video”

Agency: Don’t Panic

It’s time to tug at the heart strings. This PSA was created for the Save the Children Organization to raise awareness of violence in Syria. It reveals a young girl’s life in one-second spurts, showing her situation going from normal to tragic in a very short amount of time. We’re a music licensing company, but we also understand the importance of silence in a creation. Would music have added anything? We want to know your opinion.


2. TVC Thai Life Insurance – “Unsung Hero”

Agency: Ogilvy + Mather Bangkok 

No time to recover from the previous ad, because we have another tear-jerker for you (sorry, we’re relentless). This ad follows the unsung hero delivering daily acts of kindness, not out of personal or financial gain, but out of good. Watch to see what he receives in return. They so successfully play on your emotions, even with the light-hearted score.


1. Moto360 – “A Watch for our Times”

Agency: Droga5

We’d like to crown Droga5 and for this fantastic Moto360 campaign. It’s clean-cut, simple, short, and hilarious. Luxury advertising cliches, right down to the refined, shimmering music, are used and then lampooned in a hilarious way. Take a look at the different spots here.


We’re lucky to work with so many innovative Ad Agencies around the world to help them achieve this connection through music. See some of our own collaborations here.


Sony/ATV CEO Marty Bandier became the first major company executive to speak out against online streaming services Pandora and Spotify. Specifically, he spoke against the “unjustifiably below-market royalty rates” given to publishers and songwriters. An example he mentioned was the mega-hit “Happy” by Pharrell Williams; over a 3-month period, the song garnered over 43 millions plays on Pandora, yet it gained only $2,700 in songwriter and publisher royalties.

Source: The Wrap


The POV blog from PBS published an open letter to the Hollywood Foreign Press, proposing to include documentaries to the Golden Globes Awards. The tongue-in-cheek letter is written by independent journalist, Tom Rolson. It is also coupled with an official petition that you can sign on

Source: POV on PBS


Speaking of the Golden Globes, the complete list of nominees for film and television were released. Best Picture, Drama included the films Boyhood, Foxcatcher, The Imitation Game, Selma and The Theory of Everything. Nominees for Best TV Drama included Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and House of Cards.

Best Original Score – Motion Picture, the nominees were:

Alexandre Desplat, The Imitation Game
Johann Johannsson, The Theory of Everything
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Gone Girl
Antonio Sanchez, Birdman
Hans Zimmer, Interstellar

Source: Golden Globes Website


With the Ridley Scott-directed “Exodus: Gods and Kings” premiering this week, this may start resurgence in “epic” Biblical themed films reminiscent of the period in the 1950’s and 60’s. This period spawned films like “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben-Hur” and “Quo Vadis”. This article from Variety covers the challenge that film composers are facing when writing for such huge projects.

“Exodus” also required multiple themes, “some attached to the main characters, others from the key concepts of freedom, exodus, light and God,” Alberto Iglesias (composer for Exodus) says.

Source: Variety


In ad media news, we take a look at Droga5’s newest campaign for Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch. It is a hilarious satire on luxury brand ads.

Source: Agencyspy



One of the biggest blogs in film music, Film Music Magazine, recently released their Top 20 Scores of 2014. The honorees included Alberto Iglesias for Exodus: Gods and Kings, Alexandre Desplat for The Imitation Game, Marco Beltrami for Snowpiercer and Max Richter for The Congress.


Image source: Forgemind Archimedia


Variety magazine covers the phenomenon of film music festivals in Europe. We can only hope this trend finds its way across the Atlantic.

Source: Variety Online


Indiewire published its “Top 15″ Film Scores for 2014. Hans Zimmer score for “Interstellar” was listed but so were a handful of scores from independent films. Prominent composers honored were Cliff MartinezAlexandre Desplat and the collaboration of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Source: Indiewire


The Next Web, in celebration of the jazz scores for “Birdman” and “Whiplash, released their list of the five best jazz film scores. Listed were scores composed by Elmer Bernstein, Alex North and Howard Shore.

Source: The Next Web


“The Imitation Game” is undoubtedly a front runner in this year’s road to the Oscar’s. During the recent Hollywood Film Awards, “The Imitation Game” won Best Director, Best Actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), Best Actress (Keira Knightley) and Best Film Composer (Alexandre Desplat).

Source: Hollywood News


The nominees for the 57th annual Grammy Awards were released this week. While names like Iggy Azalea and Sam Smith lead the list of nominees in the pop categories, the Film Score category had its share of big names as nominees.

Here are the nominees for Best Film Score Soundtrack for Visual Media.

Frozen – Christophe Beck

Gone Girl – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Alexandre Desplat

Gravity – Steven Price

Saving Mr. Banks – Thomas Newman

More nominees in the visual media as well as the popular categories can be found on the website.


Image: David Holt



Exciting news! The full Trailerizer, Vol. 1 album is here!Trailerizer-1000x1000

We present you with our latest album featuring Score Revolution cues TRAILERIZED by Damir Price at ace music house redCola (Gone Girl, Deliver Us From Evil, Noah, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Maleficent and hundreds more…)!

We know that film music has many of the great elements you’re looking for and the kind of composition you can’t find anywhere else, but sometimes it may need that extra something to put it over the top, perfect for your trailer.

We’ve taken some of our juiciest tracksand let redCola go a little wild on them. We’re putting these monstrous combined tracks into one fearless collection! It’s film music the way you’ve always needed it!

Listen to the album here!

Hear anything you like? Let us know:


About redCola

redCola got its start in a tiny little space right on Hollywood Boulevard in 2002, next door to Tool, David Fincher, Native Instruments, some serious Armenian Mafia and awesome Thai food. Jonathan Paul and Damir Price were seriously smitten with electronic music, all kinds of it. Jonathan brought in street cred, serious drumming and DJing skills and buckets of creative juices, Damir his music degrees, piano chops and survival skills from Yugoslav Special Forces. They wrote songs, produced tracks and released albums and scored commercials. Some time into it a friend asked for help on a trailer he was music supervising for Twentieth Century Fox and they found themselves in this world where experimentation and aural debauchery were sought after, encouraged and valued. Tending to requests of some of the coolest (and most demanding) trailer editors in town, Damir and Jonathan ended up producing cinematic soundscapes using field recordings and some serious sound smithery and juju, slapped them on a CD and sent to a few of their colleagues. Soon they were getting calls from their co-workes asking for their own copies, and then the promo departments from the studios started calling: Sony, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros., even Disney. redCola has licensed for hundreds of trailers over the years, as well as trailers for video-games, TV promos and TV shows.

Recent campaigns to which redCola has contributed include Gone Girl, Deliver Us From Evil, Noah, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, etc.  While continuing to write and produce new redCola material, Damir and Jonathan have recently started releasing works of talented composers they’ve encountered and collaborated with over time. We’re at various stages in scoring several films.

About Damir Price

ARTZ-0095The powerful and challenging, yet rewarding, process of marrying moving images and music is what attracts Damir to writing for film. The amplification of motion and emotion. The subtext.

Damir started playing piano at age six and started composing relatively shortly after. Studies of classical masters in Europe during early years developed into interest and exploration of both modern electronic music and scoring for film. At Berklee College of Music in Boston he earned degrees in both fields with honors.  The hands-on, real-life education continued in Hollywood, in various fields, from co-writing and performing with Warner Brothers recording artist Jude, a stint at Jive Records and work with A-list film composers Marco Beltrami, Trevor Jones and others.

A chance collaboration with Jonathan Paul of Terminal 3 in 2001 with time led to establishment of redCola Music and creation of music for numerous commercials for NikeMcDonald’sInfinitiLandRover; musical contributions to TV shows Minute To Win ItLawmanThe Shield and Nip/TuckThe Real World and Road Rules and contributions to trailers for video games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Assassin’s CreedRevelationsTransformers 3Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Recently Damir has been creating and licensing sound design and music tracks for motion pictures trailer campaigns. His unique blend of mangled and manipulated organic found sounds fortified with orchestral and electronic palette most recently contributed to trailers for Gone Girl and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for Warner Bros., Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy for Disney, Flight and Transformers 4 for Paramount and 300: Rise of an Empire and The Maze Runner for Fox, and many others. Most recent movie contributions include a film inspired by Boston Bombing, a five part mini-series Colours of the Deserts for Arte in Germany and Stripped: Las Vegas for Showtime.

Damir works and resides in Santa Monica with his family.


The Film Soundtrack Center announce the best of 2014

The Film Soundtrack Center recently published their 1st annual Film Soundtrack Center Awards.

Here are the 2014 honorees:

Best Composer – Alexandre Desplat  (The Golden Compass, Argo)

Best Original Film Soundtrack – Maleficent by James Newton Howard  (Stir of Echoes)

Best Television Theme – Penny Dreadful by Abel Korzeniowski (Romeo and Juliet, A Single Man)

Best Television Score – Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey by Alan Silvestri

A list of all the winners can be found at the Film Soundtrack Center website.


Morricone will continue touring in 2015

The master himself, Ennio Morricone, warmly addressed concerned fans this week on Youtube. He’s made a full recovery, and will continue his tour next year!


Adweek’s Top 20 Viral Ads for 2014

Adweek put out its list of the 20 best viral ads for 2014. Nike, P&G, KLM and Volkswagen were all listed for their effective and most importantly, creative ads.

See the list on AdWeek website.

We also have our own collection of advertisement placements. Take a look!


The FG Score Quiz

Think you’re a film, tv and game score expert? Test your knowledge with this quiz from Film & Game Composer.


The Britdoc Impact Award

Five documentary films were awarded with the Britdoc Impact Award, celebrating films that made the “greatest impact on society.” We love working with documentary filmmakers, and love even more then they recognized for their work.

Netflix is offering another $5,000 for these honorees, but they will be leaving it up to the Twittersphere to select the winner using the hashtag #NetflixHi5.

Source: Britdoc


Photo credit: Gabriel Molina



This week’s film music news roundup follows stories from the biggest names in film composing!

One of the American Youth Symphony’s tenets is to share “exceptional, innovative concerts” featuring musicians from the ages of 15-27. On November 23rd, and one of the concerts will be taking place in Los Angeles, celebrating the work of Danny Elfman (Good Will Hunting)! Prior to the concert, there will be a symposium featuring composer David Newman (Tarzan), orchestrator Steve Bartek and sound engineer Dennis Sands. We’re there!

Source: American Youth Symphony website


Academy Award nominee Marco Beltrami (Resident Evil, Mimic, Underworld: Evolution) adds his haunting score to the film, “The Homesman”. Directed and starring by Academy Award Winner, Tommy Lee Jones and co-starring fellow award winners Meryl Streep and Hillary Swank, the western themed film is one of the year’s most anticipated. “The Homesman” marks the third collaboration between Beltrami and Jones.

In creating the score, Beltrami left the comfortable trappings of the recording studios and decided to write this haunting score outdoors.

“Beltrami took a piano and put it atop a hill, with the piano wires stretching 175 feet across the mountains to capture the sound of the blowing Santa Ana winds.”

Source: We Are Movie Geeks


Speaking of epic scores, we revisit the music of Middle Earth with an outdoor screening of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in its entirety. This screening will be taking place next April in San Jose and it will feature a full orchestra. The Symphony Silicon orchestra will be playing Howard Shore’s (Cop Land, Doubt) timeless score against a backdrop of a 48-by-20-foot screen showing “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” consecutively.

“The logistics are huge. It’s the biggest project we’ve ever done,” said Andrew Bales, president of Symphony Silicon Valley. It is estimated that the orchestra will be continuously playing over 10 hours of Howard Shore’s award-winning score.

Source: San Jose Mercury


James Horner’s (Apocalypto, Red Heat, The Man Without a Face) music will always be associated with blockbuster films, but in an unconventional move he will be lending his immense talent to concert music.

James Horner admits: “I’ve always wanted to write a ballet.”

“Pas De Deux” or “step of two” in English, is the title of Horner’s composition that will feature the talents of brother-sister duo Hakon and Mari Samuelsen on strings, accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Orchestra, conducted by Vasily Petrenko.

Source: The Liverpool Echo

Photo credit: Studio68Fr

We worked with Media Arts Lab to place the track “Stamp Album” by Alex Heffes from the film Dear Frankie in this Coral Reef segment by Conservation International. Their project, Nature Is Speaking, sets out to conserve the planet we live in. Visit their site to learn more and be a part of the cause. #natureisspeaking



Film scoring duties will be split between Hans Zimmer (Sherlock Holmes, The House of the Spirits) and Junkie XL (Paranoia, DOA: Dead or Alive) in the upcoming “Batman v Superman.” The two powerhouse composers will write opposing themes to carry the “Caped Crusader” and the “Man of Steel,” and we can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

Source: Comic Book Resources


Considered a “Billion Dollar Composer”, Alexandre Desplat (The Golden Compass, Argo, Birth) is one of entertainment’s most sought-after talents. From “Girl with the Pearl Earring” to “The Golden Compass” and most recently, “The Imitation Game”, Desplat’s resume is full of big-name collaborations and projects.

Check out what several Academy Award winning producers and directors like Wes Anderson, Stephen Frears, Tom Hooper and George Clooney are saying about Desplat in this Variety feature!

Source: Variety


It is safe to say we are in a “golden age” for television. With shows like “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones” and “Sherlock” captivating the world’s attention, the same can be said for their respective scores.

A quote from this article in The Guardian:

Increasingly, television scores are becoming integral to shows, helping drive the action forward, accentuating the drama or highlighting the atmosphere.

Brian Reitzell (Beginners, Shrink) on writing for television, “Every second of Hannibal is a heightened reality,”… “The musical atmosphere is part of the ambient background of the entire show. That’s why on average there is 40-plus minutes of music on Hannibal and the entire show is only 43 minutes. Sometimes there’s more music than visual!”

Source: The Guardian


The film and television composing community came together Nov. 5 for the “The Blurred Line Between Film and Television” panel that took place at the Universal Studios lot in Universal City. As part of the Billboard + Hollywood Reporter Film and TV Music Conference, the panel discussed the “blurred line” between writing for film and writing for television. Fil Eisler, Chad Fischer, Trevor Morris, Blake Neely, Atli Örvarsson (The Mortal Instrumental: City of Bones) and Michael Penn discussed their methodology and approach to film and television shows, the demands of each, and why they chose the paths they have taken.

Source: Billboard


Photo Credit: Syed Faizan



We start with two of rock and film music’s greatest minds. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, fresh off the success of the film score to Gone Girl, will be delivering the keynote Q&A at the 2014 Billboard + Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Music Conference, taking place on Nov. 5 and 6 in Los Angeles.

Source: Billboard

Harvard Leadership put the spotlight on one of film music’s up-and-coming rock stars, Brian Tyler (Bug, Frailty, Paparazzi). The Los Angeles native speaks about his education at Harvard and UCLA, and growing his indie-film experience into composing scores for big-budget summer blockbusters.

Source: Harvard Leadership

Also in LA, specifically Royce Hall at UCLA — the Film Music Society, in collaboration with the American Youth Symphony, will be holding a celebration of film music on November 23. It starts with a symposium headed by guest conductor David Newman (Tarzan, Animals United). And it finishes with a concert titled “The Elfman Project III”,  where members of the American Youth Symphony will be performing selections of guest conductor Danny Elfman‘s (Goodwill Hunting, Chicago) most iconic scores.

Source: Film Music Society Facebook

A screening of the film, The Theory of Everything will be shown at the iPic Theater on. The massive Academy Award contender features a score composed by Johann Johannson, who will be doing a Q&A after the screening.

Source: The Society of Composers and Lyricists


Bonus! Arbel and Callie from our music team made a stellar appearance at The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA. Fabulous!







Photo: Snapshutter2009

Track: “There Are People Here” composed by Ilan Eshkeri from Retreat

The “Horror Vault” is an online movie library that celebrates the long lineage of horror cinema. From monster movies to slasher movies and everything else in between, The Horror Vault has it!

Our friends Andrew Snook and the Edit Pool (UK) recently produced a sizzle reel for the Horror Vault, featuring classic scenes from decades of horror films. We placed the track “There Are People Here” by Ilan Eshkeri from the film Retreat.

Looking for the right track for your project? We can help! Begin here.


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