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We’ve got Rolfe Kent’s score to Dom Hemingway available before it hits theaters! Be sure to catch the film when it releases April 2nd.

American writer/director Richard Shepard’s (The Matador) 2013 British crime film stars Jude Law in the title role of a safecracker ex-con who finds himself unable to escape the life he left behind even as he endeavors to reconnect with the life he never knew by tracking down his long-lost daughter (Emilia Clarke). Richard E. Grant and Demián Bichir co-star.

No stranger to Richard Shepard’s darkly tragi-comic sensibilities from their successful collaboration on The Matador, veteran British composer Rolfe Kent (Sideways, Legally Blonde, Thank You for Smoking) takes a similar approach with Dom Hemingway, deploying a funky, jazzy throwback score both suitably modern to the film’s present-day setting, yet just retro enough to connect it with such classic genre forebears as Get Carter. Fans of David Holmes’ music for Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s films will warm to the rhythmic fusion jams of tracks like “The Train to Fontaine” and “Dom Bludgeons the Safe” while the softer, ambient strains of “Dom Saves Melody” and “Love is What You Make” aim more squarely for the heartstrings.


We’re proud to welcome our new Director of Creative Services, Kaitlyn Sheehan! Kaitlyn is a former planner at Ogilvy + Mather Chicago, where she worked closely with leading brands to create integrated campaigns and bring their stories to life. Her passion for music was reignited through this work, as she was constantly impressed with its ability to amplify a story’s message.

“Music is one of the most powerful, emotionally evocative tools we have in our space. It captures the consumer and connects them to a brand. I was drawn to this opportunity at Score Revolution because of its bright, passionate team and the opportunity to work with music from some of the world’s greatest composers. I’m excited to continue bringing stories to life through music!”

When Kaitlyn isn’t storytelling, you’ll find her drinking kale smoothies and teaching yoga (she’s getting the LA thing down pretty quickly).


Meet the faces of Score Revolution! Have a question for one of us? Click on our name to send an email.

Arbel Bedak
VP, Repertoire and Creative Services
Repertoire management, A&R, Pitching, Licensing, Account Management

Vibes: Humorous, Active, Gangsta

Selects the perfect track and looks fabulous doing it!
Carrin Tanaka
Marketing Manager
Marketing strategy, company blog, social media outlets, newsletters, advertising

Vibes: Cool, Melodious, Passionate

The five-foot composer turned marketing master. Speaks HTML, Italian, and #hashtags.
Callie Thurman
Music Coordinator
Music searching, music editing, music processing

Vibes: Bubbly, Quirky, Science Fiction

The audiophile/film geek that will hunt down your perfect track. Has more IMDB credits than Ryan Gosling.
Kaitlyn Sheehan
Director, Creative Services
Account management, pitching

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#1 storyteller and occasional yoga instructor.
Ian Hierons
Co-Founder & CEO
Oversees business development and acquisitions

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Liberating film music from around the world. #discovery
Christine Russell
Co-Founder & COO
Oversees creative services and licensing

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Committed to not wasting anyone’s time, including her own.
Seth Kaplan
Oversees catalog curation and creative services

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Dedicated to the proposition that Film Music is created on a higher level…

ifmca-logoCongratulations to Abel Korzeniowski, three-time winner at the International Film Music Critics Awards! Korzeniowski took Film Score of the Year and Best Original Score for a Drama Film for Romeo and Juliet, and Film Composer of the Year. IFMCA member Jon Broxton describes Korzeniowski as “a composer who is not afraid to bring out the deeper sentiments in a film through his music.”

We’re proud to represent Korzeniowski’s score to Romeo and Juliet for placement!


Sony has invented the Personal 3D Viewer, a wearable, portable entertainment system. We placed “Moon Waltz” by Brian Reitzell, Dave Palmer and Roger Neil from the film Beginners within two of their advertisements introducing the product.

Interested in licensing music for your project? Start here.

Apple first Macintosh
Image c/o

Apple created a video that celebrates the 30th birthday of Macintosh. The beginning features a track we placed from Italian film Due Partite by composer Giuliano Taviani.

“We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people — as remarkable as the telephone.” -Steve Jobs

Check out the video here.

Here’s to 30 years of innovation, Macintosh!


Alex Heffes Composer

Congratulations to Alex Heffes on his Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score – Motion Picture for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom!

Director Justin Chadwick brings to life the autobiography of the South African political titan, Nelson Mandela, with stars Idris Elba and Naomie Harris at the forefront. This epic biopic chronicles Mandela’s journey from a humble childhood, to a seemingly interminable prison sentence, to a noble inauguration, all under the guidance of the researchers and archivists of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

We’re proud to have three fantastic scores by Alex Heffes within our catalog! Stream, download and license music from Dear Frankie, My Enemy’s Enemy, and The Bridge on the our website.

ASCAP recently interviewed Heffes on working on Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Watch the interview below.

We placed “All For One” from The Three Musketeers by Paul Haslinger in another trailer for The Book Thief, starring Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nélisse.

Trailer House: Empire Design
Music Supervisor: Will Quiney

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Web-based thriller with Diane Lane as an FBI agent hunting a killer who streams videos of his victims on the Internet, and invites their user-generated demise.

Given its cold-blooded, psychopathic subject matter this is an intelligent, complex, hypnotic, and surprisingly versatile score from Christopher Young (The Gift and The Exorcism of Emily Rose), boasting several pretty piano/string-led swirls within the steady channel of suspense — the countdown to danger is signaled by steadily tapped cymbals, and Young’s cool, unhurried pacing reveals an instinctive finesse with tempo . . . but he’s never afraid to stretch strings and nerves to breaking point when required.

Listen, download, and license tracks from the film score Untraceable composed by Christopher Young. Our sales team is ready to assist you with any licensing inquiries at

From legendary Hong Kong action director and fight choreographer Corey Yuen comes a story based on the Dead Or Alive series of fighting games produced by Tecmo and developed by Team Ninja. The story, co-written by Under Siege scribe JF Lawton centers around a fight to the death invitational martial arts tournament, a la Enter the Dragon.

Billed as Junkie XL, Dutch electronic and remix artist Tom Holkenborg contributes a pulse-pounding score dominated by driving guitars and multi-layer percussion arrangements. Foregoing subtlety, the music has the same sort of sledgehammer “sit up and take notice because everything’s about to break loose” quality that is the perfect accompaniment to a relentless assault of quick cut imagery a la Tony Scott or Michael Bay.

Listen, download, and license tracks from the film score DOA: Dead or Alive composed by Junkie XL. Our sales team is ready to assist you with any licensing inquiries at

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